Rare and Weird Kramers

Rare SC3 Tele type Kramer
Very Early Pacer Strat Head with Aluminum Control Cavity
Pacer Special with Banana Headstock
From www.jcguitars.com
Pacer Special with Banana Headstock
Stagemaster, is it a lefty, right, or what?
Left handed body, right handed neck, very weird.
 Baretta III made by Schaller
Click on image for larger version
ESP Custom made Nightswan
This came from a VK visitor in Japan who says ESP custom made this Swan to match Vivian's prototype in 2001. Check out the neck joint on the back.
 Mick Mars Girls, Girls, Girls Tele
ESP/Kramer Lynch Signature?
This came from a VK visitor in Japan who says this is a Kramer "Lynch" signature model that was released prior to the ESP Kami's. Check out the Kramer logo.
Cuervo Baretta
Elliot Easton Prototype
Made by Tom Anderson
Pacer formerly owned by Howard Leese of Heart
Pacer with Schaller hardtail bridge
Rare Duke with custom Rainbow Graphics
Duke type XB-5 Bass
LP type Kramer
(Questionable as a production model - may be a prototype)
Single Cutaway Model
See picture to the right of Billy Squier with a similar model - Neck Thru Design
Billy Squier with a Gibson that featurs a Kramer "like" headstock
(notice the Banana neck and the crown inlays)
Single Cutaway Model
Grim Reaper Kramer
Rumor has it a handful of these were made for the controversial band of the 80's.
The blade portion disconnects from the handle portion for storage in the case.

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