Kramer U.S. Advertisements

Click on the smaller version below to see some of these classic ads.


Promotional Endorsee Flyers

Special thanks to Dave at and Dan Joiner for providing some of these great promotional slicks!

Edward Van Halen No Bozos Reject Photo

From what we have gathered, we think that possibly Eddie used these outside of Kramer when he signed photos for fans. However, if you'll notice its different from the actual No Bozos Photo (Eddie is smiling in this one and has a cigarette). Thanks to Dan Joiner for purchasing this so that we could all see it.

Stanley Clark - The First Kramer Endorsee Photos

Here are scans off the original photos Kramer made with Stanley after the signed him as an endorsee. The second photo below was used ina Kramer advertisement promoting the signing of Mr. Clark. Thanks Gary Kramer for the photos!

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