Edward and others at the Kramer Factory

Steve Z, a former employee of Kramer submitted these. He has some really good stories about the night Edward VH visited the Kramer factory. The guitar Edward is constructing in these photos is the one featured in one of the first Kramer ads he ever appeared in. It was supposed to be a copy of Eddie's original Frankenstrat. Steve also mentioned that the Destroyer neck (the modified one that is featured in the Women and Children First liner notes) neck was used as a model for this guitar neck. A funny story behind this trip to the factory is that the guys at Kramer made him a really nice guitar, with a professional paint job (really shiny according to Steve). Ed hated it, and flew to the factory to make the guitar he wanted.

Ed in the Kramer Factory
Ed in the Kramer Factory
Before painting
Ed in the Kramer Factory
Ed in the Kramer Factory
Ed in the Kramer Factory
Ed with a Kramer Duke
Ed in the Kramer Factory
It says "Kramer!"
Ed in the Kramer Factory
The Back of the Original Frankenstrat
Ed setting up a Floyd
***Destroyer copy made by Kramer (see notes)
Edward in the Factory
Edward and Dennis
Eddie testing out the
Frankie Replica
Mikey in the Factory
Mikey with a Pioneer Bass
Former Kramer employee
Steve Z

***Destroyer by Kramer notes - The picture got ruined but you can still make out the body. This was the destroyer copy that Ed hated so much. I snagged the pickup from it and put it in my 650 but crime doesn't pay since the axe was stolen from me. Notice the 'VH' cleverly camoflaged in the paint job. Ed hated shit like that. I was also reminded while looking at the Vanguards in the rack that we had to start marking them "bass' or ' guitar' after some genius wired them wrong. That orange stripe on cream background was a popular graphic but I always liked the white chevrons on black.

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