More Edward Van Halen "Kramer" Pictures

**YellowStriped Double-neck Aluminum and Classic Head (see note at bottom)
**Yellow Striped Double-neck Aluminum and Classic Head (see note at bottom)
Hot for Teacher Kramer, 5150, and mini Les Paul
White Kramer Pacer Classic Neck
Ed's First Kramer
Eddie with Double-Neck
I believe this was taken by
Neil Zlozower
Valerie with Trans-Trem pointy Kramer
Ed with Purple Pacer
(before he striped it)
EVH with his Purple Striped Pacer
Ed and 5150 Kramer
Ed with a non-Kramer Ripley
Ed and Val
With another Striped Giveaway
Ed and Rick Derringer
Guy with Galactic Rainbow Baretta
Ed Sitting and Jamming
Really great photo of Ed
Ed with Michael Jackson
1984 in Dallas, Texas
Eddie with his Charvel VH2
Black and Yellow Stripes
Ed with a Ripley
Headstock looks like a Focus?
Misc. 5150 Backups on the 1986 Tour
EVH with a hockey-stick neck Baretta
Double-neck once again
Yet another 5150 back
(notice the pickup angle)
Eddie lying down with guitars
I believe this was taken by
Neil Zlozower
Ed with a Black Kramer Ripley
Ed and Neil Schon
Ed is playing a white Pacer there

Note from Steve Z (former Kramer employee) about Yellow Double-neck:

BTW, that yellow and black double neck was the one that my friend Ron delivered to Ed at the Spectrum in '82 (Philly) There were two guitars delivered that night but I can't remember what the other one was. Ronnie had some good stories about that night but the one that cracks me up is that he showed up at the backstage entrance and the guard wouldn't let him in. He told him he Ed's guitars and he was expecting him but the guard said he had heard it all before. Then Rudy the Roadie came out and said "Ron! Where ya been man? Ed's waiting for his guitar."

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