The Kramer Aerostar

In 1986, Kramer introduced yet another budget-minded line of guitars, the Aerostar. These guitars were aimed at the beginning player and were a combination of Kramer's Pacer influences and the Korean copy market. The models were four guitars and one bass. All had pointy/droopy headstocks with maple or rosewood dotted fretboards, maple necks, plywood or laminate bodies, traditional-styled trems, EMG Select pickups and black hardware. The models were named as such: ZX10, ZX20, ZX30 and ZX30H and ZX70 bass.

The Aerostar Line circa 1986-1987
Aerostar Headstock


ZX10--one slanted humbucker(Baretta style) and one volume control. Pacer type body design.

ZX20--two humbuckers, bridge and neck (Pacer Imperial style), 3 way select, ne volume and one tone. Pacer body style.

ZX30--Three single coil pickups in Strat formation on pickguard with five-way select, one volume and two tones. More Strat-ish type body.

ZX30H--Same as ZX30 but substituted humbucker in bridge position. Strat-ish type body.

ZX70--Modeled after Fender P-bass with single P bass pickup, one volume and one tone.

Colors available were red, black and white in the first year and in 1987, the choices were red, black, white, silver, violet, fluorescent green,
fluorescent yellow and fluorescent pink.

The Aerostar line prices were between $329.95 and $369.95 list. The line was gone by 1989.

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