Kramer Triax and Enterprize

Introduced as attention-getters for the 1986 NAMM show were the oddly shaped Triax and Enterprize model guitars. Designed by Floyd Rose, these two guitars are best viewed rather than literally described (see pics). The shapes of the bodies no doubt took inspiration from Star Trek, or a spaceship from the series. Both sported two humbuckers, a volume, tone, three way switch and, of course a Floyd Rose trem.

These two gems were designed to bring people to the booth and were never intended to be mass produced type guitars. Actually, it would have probably been way too costly to produce such wonderfully whacked-out shaped guitars like this on a big production scale.

The Enterprize, as it's been reported, began as a bolt on neck guitar in it's prototype stages but was soon changed to a neck through as we see here. It also sported the treble side "extension bar" which was very fragile making the numbers of current survivors even more unlikely.

Both the Triax and Enterprize are very rare guitars in the Kramer realm and are highly sought after by Kramer afficianados. Reports tell us that there are less than 10 each of these guitars in existence though this is not confirmed. Ever once in a great while, one will be spotted on online priced for big dollars. There were also custom made hard cases made specifically for these guitars.
Additionally, Mike Mojabi of fame has said that there were some silver Triax models in existence, along with a few pre-production models. Therefore, some alternate colored Triax models have been confirmed, and possibly some Enterprize models had multiple color options given the two pictures listed on this page being different shades of blue.

Custom Hard-Shell "Flight" Case for Enterprize
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