Kramer XL Series

In late 1987, Kramer added another budget-minded line to it's arsenal. This was to, perhaps, totally dominate the import market which by this time, had clearly been saturated, Kramer introduced the XL line. Made in Korea, the XLs followed the typical Kramer formula. The line originally consisted of two guitars and one bass.

All models had laminted pointy headstock necks with large Kramer logo, rosewood fretboards and chrome hardware. Guitars had traditional type trems and all models consisted of laminated or plywood bodies.

First was the XL1 (sometimes referred to as the XLI) which was a "Baretta-ish" double cutaway style(no scallop), single straight humbucker and a slanted single coil at the neck. Controls were one volume, one tone and three way select switch. Next was the XL6 (or XL VI) had a H/S/S configuration with the humbucker slanted. Controls were one volume, two tones, five way switch and a coil tap switch as well. This model also had the sharp radius shaped body. The XL7 bass(or XL VII) was a traditional shaped body, 21 fret neck with a single "P" style pickup on a pickguard. Controls were one volume and one tone.

1989 XL Series
1989 XL Series
1989 XL Series
Strange XL6 Classic Head

These first mach of XLs could be had in black, blue, red and white.

Kramer added two more models a couple years later, the XL2 and the XL3. The XL2 had two humbuckers, a fulcrum type trem and one volume, one tone and 3 way select.

The XL3 had a H/S/S configuration but this time on a pickguard. Controls were one volume, two tones, and a five way select. (Note: this model also gained a coil tap switch for the humbucker later on).

Rosewood was the mainstay for the first period of XLs but that was changed as the line was expanded and maple fretboards were utilized.
Creme and green were additional added colors by this time.

As 1990 and the close of Kramer came about the 2nd mach (XL2 and XL3) were dropped leaving only the XL1, XL6 and XL7 bass. These made it until the end in mid-1990.

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