Jersey Star Reissue - Review
By Mike Mojabi,

I have, at one time or other, owned virtually every model of Kramer guitar made including no less than five of the original Kramer RS artist series. I was very skeptical of the Jersey Star but, I quickly learned that it is one KICKASS guitar!!!

The craftsmanship and the construction of the Jersey Star is excellent. The solid maple body and the 3-piece Hard Maple 22-fret neck are super high quality. I found no flaws in the materials or craftsmanship of the Jersey Star. The detailed star inlays on the neck were unbelievably clean and true to the original artist’s guitar. MusicYo did not spare any expenses nor cut any corners in the construction of the Jersey Star.

The Jersey Star Reissue by Kramer/Musicyo

From the minute I pulled the JS out of its case, I could see not only the level of quality of the guitar but also MusicYo’s overall attention to detail in creating an all around playable guitar!!!! The hardware is something I would definitely expect to find only on high end guitars that cost well over $1,000. From the original Floyd Rose tremolo system to the Schaller tuners with the Pearloid Buttons, the JS screams quality.

Right out of its case, the guitar was ready to hit the stage. I found the guitar to not only be in tune but perfectly intonated. I did not need to tweak the truss rod or Floyd Rose saddles or height. Because of its solid maple construction, I was expecting a heavy guitar but I found the Jersey Star to be well balanced and very comfortable to play. With an extremely fast neck and screaming pickups, I could go from full out heavy metal to blues with just a flick of the 5-way selector switch and mini-toggles. True to the original Kramer RS model, the pickup options provide a lot of versatility in tone options to match your music style. Overall, the playability of the Jersey Star is exceptional.

Pure White to Gold Accents
Recessed Allen Head Screws for Switch
Multi-layered Inlays in Body, Neck, and Headstock

I found a few noteworthy improvements in the JS over the original Kramer RS models. First of all, the 5-way toggle switch is now held in place by two flush mount allen-head screws. The flush mounting of these screws, albeit a small change, really gives a nice clean look to the Jersey Star. Second, the Floyd Rose anchor bolts have been countersunk and secured with inserts. I believe this really gives the Floyd Rose more stability and, long-term, it is less stressful to the guitar body itself. Third, the Pearloid Buttons on the Schaller tuners really provide a nice finishing touch to what I feel is a beautiful guitar design. Finally, the star inlays on the Jersey Star appear to be of much higher quality and craftsmanship than the previous Kramer RS models. Overall, I found it to be a much better constructed guitar than the original Kramer RS models and more true to the artist’s guitar that it represents.

Ritchie Sambora's actual Kramer Signature model from the 80's

I’ve been collecting Kramer guitars for 24 years and really have never endorsed one model or brand over another however, I really believe that MusicYo has outdone itself with the introduction of the Jersey Star. It can easily go head to head with other manufacturers’ guitars that cost two to three times more and be the hands-down winner.

What amazes me more than anything else about the Jersey Star is its price. You can search high and low on auction sites and you will not be able to find even a used guitar with the same features that will come close to the quality of what a new Jersey Star will cost you. Whether you are a Kramer enthusiast or not, I honestly believe that you’ll be blown away by this reissue!!!

Mike Mojabi

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