The Focus Series

In 1983, Kramer introduced the Japanese made Focus series. The Focus line was designed to be a cheaper alternative to the USA Models that Kramer was producing at the time. Most had original single or double-locking Floyd Rose systems and solid wood bodies. Tuners, pickups and electronics were of a cheaper variety than the USA Kramers. Also, there are subtle body differences that separate the Focuses from the USAs. These can be found on the Parts Page. Pickups on the earlier ones were Japanese made of an unknown type. Later, they were replaced by cheaper Duncans.

1983 Focus Flyer with Classic Headstock Guitars
Non-Tuning Floyd Rose found on Early Focus Models
Focus Models Introduced in Guitar Player Magazine, 1984

The Focus series were modeled copies of the Pacer, Baretta, Vanguard and Voyager series. Models produced were the 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, and the 7000(bass)and the Focus Classics I, II and III. In 1987, the Focus's name was shortened to the "F" series and model numbers were placed on the truss rod cover until 1989 when the model designation was deleted and there was only a Kramer logo on the headstock and nothing else. Here's a brief run down on the Focus lines and their features.

Early Focuses- The earliest of Focuses sported the same "classic" style headstock (see 1983 ad above) as the USA models of the time. These headstocks also said "Focus by Kramer". Many speculate these guitars being comprised of left over USA made parts from the "classic" head era of Kramer. This makes a lot of sense seeing as how thrifty Kramer was with their supplies but to this day remains unconfirmed.

Focus 1000---The 1000 began NOT as a Baretta equivelent but as a Pacer Special(otherwise known as "pre-Barettas" in certain circles) clone. These had 1 non-slanted hum, 1 vol, 1 tone and a 3 way phase switch and the "classic" headstock. this version didn't last long and was soon replaced by the Baretta features; the difference being it had a non-tilt banana head, but gained the Baretta attributes 1 slanted hum, and 1 knob. The banana heads on these early hockey head 1000s were longer and skinnier than the than the oncoming ones. A year later, the head shape was changed to resemble a shape more similar to the USA Barettas but still not the same. The banana was made somewhat wider throughout. In 1986, the headstock changed again to a version more like the pointy variety. In 1987, it became the F1000 and in 1988 got a new sharp radius body styling. For a short time in 1988, it, along with the Focus 2000, 3000, and 6000 became neck-through guitars. These are considered rare.

Focus 1000 with "foreign" hockey-stick Headstock

Focus 2000---The 2000 was the import equivelent of the Pacer Imperial with Classic head, 2 hums, 1 vol, 1 tone and 3 way switch. In 1984, it gained the banana headstock and like it's brothers in 1986 gained the same pointy droopy headstock. In 1988, the bridge hum was slanted while the neck hum stayed straight and the body aquired a more of a sharp radius body shape with pointy upper horns. Later in 1989, like the Pacer Imperial, the bridge hum was strightened back out as before.

Focus 2000 with Classic Headstock and non-tuning Floyd Rose

Focus 3000---The equivelent of the Pacer Deluxe, the 3000 had a HSS config. on a pickguard, 1 vol, 1 tone and 5 way switch. The body stayed the same throughout the run and the headstock shape went through the usual changes.

Focus 3000 with Pointy Headstock

Focus 4000---The 4000 at first was a copy of "The Pacer" with 3 pickguard mounted singles, 1 vol, 1 tone and 5 way switch and Classic headstock shape. A year later, the 4000 became the import answer to the Randy Rhodes version of the Vanguard. It had a Floyd, 2 hums, 3 way, 1 vol, 1 tone and a strange shaped headstock-kind of a cross between a pointy and a classic head. These 4000s along with the 5000s were the only guitars seen with seen with these weird head shapes. The head changed again to the pointy variety later on. The 4000 was believed to be dropped after a couple years when the USA Vanguard was discontinued.

Focus 4000 "Vanguard"

Focus 5000---The 5000 was the Japanese version of the 85 Voyager. These guitars also came out in 1985 and had 3 hums, 3 on/off switches and a single volume and a Floyd, of course. The 5000, like the 4000 was dropped after a few years.

Focus 5000 "Voyager"

Focus 6000---The Focus 6000 was the equivalent to the Pacer Custom I at the time with a Jackson like slantH-SS config. body with extended horns and squared off body with no pickguard and a floyd Rose. It was introduced in 1986. Controls were 1 vol and 3 on/off switches-one for each pickup. It featured the non-tilt head with a headstock like the pointy variety with a rounded nose then was changed later to a more pointed version. Pickups were S. Duncans. In 1988, like the other remaining Focuses, it gained a neck through design then was switched back to a bolt-on a year later and aquired a coil tap switch. The 6000 was the only Focus available with a reverse head option.

Focus 6000

Focus 7000--- The 7000 was the Focus Bass and lasted only around a year. It was a Fender "P" double cutaway looking body with P&J pickups, 2 vols, 1 tone, 3 way switch, and 3 way select. It had a maple fretboard and a Fender
looking headstock.

The Focus 8000 is a rather rare bass in the overseas line of Kramer. It features a Condor shaped body.

Focus 8000

Focus Classic I, II and III

Classic I---The Classic I took over where the early Focus 4000 left off. It had 3 singles on a pickguard with a Strat shaped body. It also sported the Classic style head and a Floyd Rose.

Classic II and III---While there's not a lot of info on these, the II was believed to be the same guitar possibly rear loaded with no pickguard or pickguarded with a HSS config. like the 3000.

Classic III---The III was a Tele style body following suit with the USA

Classic III with a slanted H/SS config., 1 vol and 3 on/off switches, Classic head and Floyd Rose.

Focus Classic I

Color options for the Focus line were candy red, blue, white, creme, black, blue stain, champagne, red stain, flip flop blue, flip flop red, flip flop white, sonic blue, flourescent pink and yellow and violet. Lefty options were also available.

The Focus lines remained until the end of 1989.

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