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Kramer Related Links

Axcessories Dot Com Site that sells guitar parts, hardware, electronics and has dedicated parts that will work on older Kramer Guitars.
Chris Guitars Great seller of Kramers and other fine guitars and very reasonable prices.
Floyd Rose Link to the "great one" of guitar bridges home website. Has good Floyd Rose setup instructions.
Hiko's Japanese Kramer Website A great Japanese based website with tons of information on the Japanese made and sold Kramer line as well as others.
The Kramer Guitar Forum Online The only discussion site with tons of Kramer fans, collectors, and luthiers. (not owned or managed by VK)
Kramer Krazy Good Kramer information, one of the biggest researchers of Kramers, Terry Boling. Probably one of the best sites on the net for Kramers, not to mention long time Kramer expert Mike Mojabi! Sells new guitars, parts, replacement parts, paint schemes, and NOS parts for Kramer guitars. Sells the new, Epiphone made Kramer line of guitars.
Southeast Guitars Makers of fine replacement bodies for Kramer, Charvel and other branded body shapes
Tommy Guitars Site that specializes in sales of Japanese made and sold Kramer instruments.
Official Uriah Heep Website Former Kramer endorsers and killer band website!
VH Links DOT COM Van Halen Internet Resource Guide

Other Guitar Related Links

Classic Rock Auctions Site for dedicated auctions on rock related memorabillia, instruments, etc.
Jackson Charvel World Great Website with history and other excellent Jackson and Charvel information.
JF Rocks DOT COM Excellent Van Halen lessons, great lesssons in general. Highly recommend.
Gajic Guitars Excellent guitar maker by master Luthier Lazar Gajic
Guitar Guru - Airbrush Artist Former Kramer employee and airbrush artist, does some nice work!
Legendary Tones Great site with information on specific guitar sounds and such, and good reviews of instruments as well.
MacDaddy Music Online reseller of guitars and other gear.
Valley Arts Informational site on Valley Arts Guitars, not a Gibson sanctioned website.
Shredaholic Good site with lessons and other guitar playing tips and tricks!
Steinberger World The end all, be all site about the amazing guitar known as a Steinberger.
Peavey Vandenberg Guitars Cool fan site about Vandenbergs.
Pointy Guitars The website for fans of radical guitars.
RichTone Amps Great sounding amps!!
Really Cool The link says it all!
USA Charvel Cool website with tracking of Charvel serial numbers, identification, etc.
USA Custom Guitars Excellent replacement and custom parts site. Make fine quality parts equal to if not better than Warmoth.
Wayne Guitars Wayne and Michael Charvel's Guitars - Great stuff, I can attest to these being greatness!!!
Wolfgang Guitars Site dedicated to showing off really exotic Peavey Wolfgang and Custom Shops as well.
The Wolfgang Registry Excellent site with a registry database for Wolfgang lovers, also has some great comparisons between EVH models.

Other Links

The Atoms Great new Dallas based band. Good friends of mine, check em' out!!
Really Got Paul, the Van Halen guy from 97.1 the Eagle. This dude can SHRED the Van Halen.
Robinson Video For all your event filming needs, special thanks to them for the Kramer Konvention Video!
Visad Records Ran by Mike Gutierrez, the owner of one of Edward Van Halen's actual guitars. Go Mike!!
Official Fugly Website Good friends of mine from the Dallas, Texas area. Great sounding band!!
Official George Lynch Website Needs no introduction, greatness.
Robin Crosby DOT net Good friend of Robbin's, good story and good dedication to an 80's guitar legend. For "real" metal news and satire, these guys are great!!


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