Common Control Knobs

Listed here are the most common knobs used on Kramer's, even though there were others used on other models.

Plastic Speed Knob

Used on Aluminum neck models and Pacers until 1985. Judging from catalogs and other pictures, it seemed as if Kramer used these on chrome hardware models. Black hardware models featured either the metal "dome" knobs or the "labeled" plastic knob.

Plastic "Labeled" Knob

Used primarily on Barettas and some Pacers, these feature the word for the control it relates to. One other interesting thing as well, the "Volume" or "Tone" labels are smaller on Kramer knobs (like the one seen on the left). Other labeled plastic knobs feature a larger font, and those were not used on Kramer Guitars.
Metal "dome" Knob

Metal knobs were used early according to Kramer catalogs around 1983. Generally, there were used on most Kramers after 1986 except for a few select guitars. The Baretta was probably the last in the guitar line to move to the domed metal knob. Another interesting note about these, the gold knobs used on Kramers were generally Brass (not gold plated), and if you see them now adays, you can bring them back to their original luster with some brasso.

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