Strap Buttons

Listed here are some common strap buttons and descriptions.

Aluminum/Brass Large Head

These buttons were featured on Aluminum Neck models and early Pacers before Straplocks came into play. They were featured in Aluminum, Black and in Brass, and the head of the button was very large. These are very nice to use because straps do not come off easily with these.

Seen here is the main button portion of a strap lock. These were standard issue on Kramers during and after 1985. They were offered in Black, Gold, and Chrome.
Strap button mounted to the neckplate

Shown here is the placement of a strap button on a neckplate. This was common practice on Vanguards and Voyagers since there wasn't a good position to mount the "upper" button to the body wood. When you encounter plates with holes in them, you can tell these were probably Voyager or Vanguard plates.

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