Stock Kramer Wiring Information and Reference

Disclaimer: These are for reference only and Vintage Kramer will not be held responsible for any wiring damage or problems that may be caused by attempting to wire a guitar yourself. Consult a professional luthier if you are unsure of how to do this on your own. These are visitor submitted wiring diagrams, they are not 100% guaranteed to work in all circumstances. Use at your own discretion/risk.

Special Thanks to everyone who has submitted a wiring diagram for use on VK!

Wiring Diagrams

Stock Baretta Wiring
2 Hums, I Vol, 2 Tones, Switch
Diagram uses Schallers
Pacer Imperial and FR Signature
2 Hums, I Vol, 1 Tone, Switch
Diagram uses Schallers
Vanguard and Others
1 hum, Volume, Tone, Switch
Pacer Special
Nightswan I Schematic
Pacer Custom Schematic
Early Pacer Imperial Wiring
2 Vols, 1 Tone
Early Voyager Wiring
1 Vol, 1 Tone, Three Way Switch
Paul Dean Schematic
Duke Deluxe Schematic
DMZ 4000 Preamp Schematic
Sustainer Wiring Schematic
Thanks to Sean Folstrom

Pickup Information by Brand

Dimarzio Humbucker Detail
Dimarzio Switching Detail
Duncan Humbucker Detail
Duncan Switching Detail
Schaller Humbucker Detail
Schaller Switching Detail
Schaller Wiring Details
Schaller Wiring Details

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