Neckplate Details

Here are examples of Kramer neckplates. Note, just because it says NEPTUNE, NJ on your plate, that does not mean it is an American Series Kramer Guitar.

DMZ Aluminum Plate

Here's a really old neck plate that dates back to the late 70's/early 80's.
Early Aluminum
Stagemaster Plate

A genuine, Made in USA plate from an aluminum neck Stagemaster. Not to be confused with the later model Stagemasters.
Side Stamped
Made In USA
This is an early example of the A plates used on the early wood neck Kramers around 1980-1981.
Made In USA - No Serial

This plate features the Made in USA stamp, however, it does have a serial number. There are rumored to be custom made instrument neck plates.
Overseas Striker Plate

This Striker plate dates to around the 1984 timeframe. This one actually has a model number sticker on it. It also came from a banana-head Striker.
Kramer Duke Plate

This neckplate is from a Duke bass made by Kramer. This bass resembled a Steinberger in that it had no headstock.
Letter/Number Plate
B era
This is a super rare plate that is used on a B era Pacer Carerra. You don't see these too often.
Neckplate Circa
This neckplate is probably from a Pacer. Even though it features a "D" serial number, its smaller
in width compared to that of a Baretta neckplate.
Neckplate Circa
More uncommon larger sized plate with letter prefix, with the same wider screw spacing as the custom order plates. Not very common.

Custom Order Plate
These plates with no letter prefix were generally from custom order guitars. Notice how it is wider than the Pacer neckpate to the left. Usually start with an 05/06 prefix.

Custom Order Plate
These Another style of custom plate with the Kramer banana headstock logo. Generally these start with a 12 prefix.
Custom Order Plate
No Serial
Sometimes thought to have been used on artist instruments or one-offs, the non serial plates are very uncommon.
Neckplate Circa 1986-87

The E serial number gives this one away in terms of a timeframe for production. Also, this plate is just a bit smaller than the 84 Baretta plates, and is not standard Strat sized.
Neckplate Circa 1987-91

The black version of the cast plates. Very common plate among all models after 1986.

No Letter Prefix

Here's an odd plate with a long number without a letter prefix. This is still being researched as to if its an American Series plate or not. Thanks George T!!

Overseas "B" Neckplate

The second round of B plates that were introduced were not American Series plates. Do not confuse these with B plates that are not cast plates. Some of these were used on Japanese marketed and sold Kramer guitars that were not offered in the USA for sale.
Focus Neckplate

This example is a Focus neckplate from around the 1985/86 timeframe. These plates are generally wider than the cast plates and other flat plates of the era.
Overseas Neckplate

The FB serial number indicates that this was probably a Ferrignton neckplate. Also, this neckplate will not fit ANY American model Kramer. These are the smallest in width compared to others, and are also the same size as the Striker and Aerostar plates.
Ferrington Plate

4 digit plate used on a Ferrington. Some of these plates are found on other overseas instruments. Anything goes when it comes to non-American Series Kramers, there is no ryhyme or reason that has been determined.
Musicyo Jersey Star

These plates are used on the new Jersey Star models offered by Musicyo. Eventually, all reissues will utilize this style with the serial on the plate just as the vintage kramers did.
Musicyo Overseas

Long digit plates used on overseas models sold by This plate displayed here is actually a prototype of a plate for the Jersey Star, but was scraped for the plate to the left. All other overseas models from Yo resemble this design.


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