Tuning Keys

Different types of tuning keys were used on Kramers during the years. This page concentrates on American series models, and the tuners used, however some overseas tuners are listed. Overseas models generally used Gotoh's (or other less expensive brands) with "Kramer" branding on the tuner, along with a few other styles as well. Additionally, a few tuning keys that are common in the "tuning key" world are listed here as well, that were NOT used on Kramers.

Official American Series - Kramer Tuners

Gotoh Chevron

This style was seen on some of the Strat head Pacers in addition to others in the Kramer line around 1981. The picture (left) displays the tuners on an old Strat head Pacer from around 1981.
Gotoh - Old Style or "San Dimas" tuners

The Gotoh style tuners were used on the Kramer line between 1982 and 1984 on the Pacer series guitars, on the 1983/84 Baretta, and some "C" serial banana head Vanguards, Voyagers, Condors, etc. These tuners sport the straight-mount screw hole. The older style tuners were also seen on some of the early San Dimas Charvels. These tuners sell for big bucks on ebay, as many Charvel guys need these for Charvel restorations, as well as the Kramer guys.
Schaller M6 Tuners

Schallers were "reintroduced" in 1984 and were standard issue on all Kramer's through the remainder of the 80's. The older style Schallers have a different mount screw hole to that of the newer M6 Schallers that are available for sale. They will not match up if you're trying to make the newer style match up with the old holes. However, the newer style Gotohs (seen below) will fit the older style Schaller screw holes on your Kramer neck (if you're having trouble finding older Schaller tuners).

Overseas Model Tuners

Chrome - Kramer imprint

These tuners were featured on some of the later model (presumed post 1985) Foci's, Strikers, and number series. They do not feature a set screw, but do feature the Kramer imprint on the tuner itself. These are not American Series Tuners.
Black - Kramer imprint

Same as the chrome set above, only black with the Kramer stamp on the tuner.

Non-Kramer issue Tuners

Gotoh - New Style

These newer Gotoh's fit the old Schaller M6 holes on old Kramers. If you have trouble finding those old Schallers, these make good replacements until you find that "mint" Schaller set you're looking for.
Schaller M6 - New Style

Although they won't fit the older Kramer/Schaller mounting holes, these are still nice tuners for a replica project. These are used on the Ernie Ball EVH and Axis line.

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