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In 1985, Kramer purchased the Spector guitar and bass company. It should be noted that during this time, Kramer was doing extremely well and was well on the way to becoming the biggest domestic manufacturer of electric guitars thereby, putting them in a position to buy out smaller companies in an effort to expand the size of it's base.

Stuart Spector circa 1981
Established in 1976 by Stuart Spector and Alan Charney, the Spector company specialized in creating highly coutoured neck-through designed basses and guitars. The flagship of the Spector line was the NS bass. Designed by Ned Steinberger(NS), a Spector apprentice in the 70's, the NS bass was an offset, double cutaway with a bulbous top horn and flaired lower horn. It sported oval inlays with cutouts on both sides, rosewood or pau ferro fretboard, a asymmetical headstock with a stylistic "S" logo and a truss rod cover with "Spector" engraving. Pickups were EMG P & Js. Other NS detail were Schaller tuners and a 34" scale. Up until the Kramer involvement, these guitars and basses were made on a limited basis. When Kramer took over in 1985, many of the Spector attributes were kept the same. The USA produced models were moved to Neptune, NJ and is recorded in Kramer history as being one of the few Kramer lines totally made in USA (Neptune) guitars and basses.

Neptune, NJ - USA models

NS-2 - 4 string, arched body, neck-through constuction, pau ferro fretbaord, gold hardware, Spector bass bridge, 2 octave neck, oval/notched MOP inlays, EMG P & J pickups w/active electronics, jumbo size frets, maple body with quilted top option.

NS-5 - same as above in 5 string version, two "J" pickups and 9 volt curcuit..

NS-2-O - Same as NS-2 but with an oil finish and dot markers.

NS-6 - 6 string guitar version. Carved top, contoured maple, double cutaway body w/Floyd Rose, oval/notched MOP inlays, rosewood fretboard, HSS EMGs. Controls were vol, tone, 5 way switch, and SPC control.

Blackhawk - The Blackhawk is a rather rare model that consists of a Spector designed neck and body, along with a Floyd rose, one bridge humbucker, and a single coil in the neck position. Scotti Hill and Rachel Bolan of Skid Row were sometimes seen playing one of these. It was designed by Chris Hofschneider in the Kramer Custom Shop (then ran by Stuart Spector), and is now the current guitar tech for Bon Jovi. Additionally, these guitars were played by Scott Ian of Anthrax and sometimes Richie Sambora would be seen playing these. These are extremely rare instruments in the Spector/Kramer line.

Spector NS2
Spector NS2 Fretless
Spector NS5
Spector NS6
Spector Blackhawk Custom

Import Models


NS-2A -Same as NS(carved top) with dot inlays, rosewood fretboard, active Spector P and J pickups, treble and bass controls, one volume and one tone

NS-2B -NS design with flat top, dot inlays, black hardware, Spector pickups and rosewood fretboard.

NS-2C -bolt on version of NS-2B


NS-6A -Same as NS-6(carved top) with black hardware, Floyd Rose, 1 vol, 2 tones, Spector pickups and coil tap switch.

NS-6B -Same as NS-6A with flat top.

NS-6C -Same as NS-6B but in a bolt-on design.

Around the end in 1990, there was also a NS-2J model, a Japanese version of the NS-2. Identical but had no figuring on the maple.

Spector NS2-a
Spector NS2-b
Spector NS6-a

Available colors for the USA made models were candy red, red stain, candy blue, blue stain, white, black, guard red, natural, and tobacco sunburst.

Import colors were black, white, red stain, blue stain, and cherry sunburst.

Prices were as follows depending on time of purchase:

NS-2 $1999-3000
NS-5 $2499-3200
NS-2O $1999-2700
NS-6 $1999

*Figured versions of the NS-2 and NS-5 cost an additional $300

NS-2A $799-899 NS-6A $849
NS-2B $599-699 NS-6B $699
NS-2C $499-619 NS-6C $549

Cases were additional.

Under Kramer leadership, it's estimated there were approximately 1650 NS-2 and NS-2Os made, 74 NS-5s, and 150 NS-6s. It is unknown how many imports were made at this time.

The Kramer/Spector bass and guitar lines continued until the end of the company in 1990. After the bankruptcy, Spector continued to make basses sporting the SSD(Stuart Spector Design) logo and in 1998 finally gained the rights back to the Spector name. He is currently producing basses now in USA, Czech Republic, Korea, and China. Some of the old Spector and Kramer characteristics carry on through the modern day Spector brand. As an example, some Spector Basses still sport the Holoflash finish (seen below).

Spector Guitars - 2005

In 2005, Spector release the ARC6 guitar line, a throwback to the guitars Spector made with Kramer in the 80's. The newer models do not feature a Floyd Rose tremolo, but do give the look and feel of the older line.

Stuart Spector Design has debuted the new ARC6 electric guitars at Winter NAMM 2005. These are handcrafted USA made instruments featuring the finest woods and components. The 22 fret, 25" scale length set necks are available in either mahogany or
solid Honduran rosewood. The carved mahogany bodies have hidden chambers for enhanced tone and lighter weight and are capped with select figured maple tops. The choices of pickups are Harmonic Design humbuckers & Z90 models, and EMG active humbucking pickups. Chrome plated hardware is standard including, Gotoh mini tuners, and Pigtail light weight bridge tailpiece.

2005 - Spector Debuts New ARC6 - Click here for more information
2003 Peformer 4 with Holoflash Paint

The new NS-5XL Bass from Spector - click here for more info

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