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1981 was the first year of the wood neck era for Kramer. Among these new guitars was the Pacer(Strat copy), Vanguard(V copy) and the Voyager which was similar to a Dean ML or "star" shaped guitar. The first two types were the Voyager Special which had one Ultra Spec hum, brass vintage trem, 1 vol, 1 tone and a 3 way coil tap switch. The Voyager Imperial was the same guitar with better tuners and a Flicker trem. Both these guitars had one piece maple necks with the Strat copy headstock. In 1982, The Voyager Special's trem was changed to the vintage trem and the Voyager Headless guitar and bass were introduced. These had a headless aluminum neck(similar to the Dukes) with the tuners at the crotch of the guitar. Both the headless models had a Schaller bridge, 1 hum, 1 vol and 1 tone.

Voyager with Strat Headstock and Custom Paint
Voyager with Strat Headstock and Rockinger Tremolo

In 1982, the Imperial's trem changed from the Flicker to the Rockinger and then in 1983, to a Floyd Rose. Sometime in 1983, the 2 hum Imperial arose as an option.

Voyager with Spider Web Graphic

Around 1985, the Voyager body shape changed. The rear wing and front lower wing was extended and more pointed at the tips. These had the Banana headstock, THREE hums, three on-off switches, a single volume and a Floyd Rose. Like the Pacer and Vanguard, some of the banana heads said "Voyager" after the logo but most were inscribed on the truss rod cover. The later 3 hum Voyager was the role model for the Focus 5000 and Striker ST500.

The Voyager, like the Vanguard, made it into 1987 at which time it was discontinued.

Banana Headstock Voyager with Kline custom Paint

1988 Voyager with rare Pointy headstock
(these were some of the last ones made and were't listed in catalogs of that year)

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