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Vintage Kramer (VK) began as a small, "can I do it" web site created by Mike Wolverton in the fall of 2000. After presenting the site on a local hard drive to a few die-hard Kramer collectors, it was mentioned that the site should be exposed to the world. Mike then moved the site to his free web services by AT&T and there it sat unchanged for quite some time.

A big change came when Robert Neubauer encouraged Mike to make the site bigger and add more content. Rob was able to help in this quest by providing over 20 vintage kramer catalogs along with price lists and other detail data. The site steadily grew with an abundance of old Kramer information and quickly became a hit among a few Kramer geeks.

In August of 2002, George Tarnopolsky invited Mike to join in on a new Kramer forum where a bunch of guys had been meeting on the web to discuss these fine guitars. Mike then purchased a URL for vintage kramer, got some real web space, and made the site into an instant classic.

Later, in December of 2002, Dave Nardelli came on board as a resident Kramer expert to help out with the guitar line authoring and detail data on the classic era of Kramer Guitars. The combination has been astonishing, and Vintage Kramer, within a matter of 6 months, grew to an average daily hit count of 3000 - and continues to grow daily.

New affiliations with Musicyo, the subsidiary of Gibson who now owns the Kramer name is a relationship that Vintage Kramer intends on keeping. New visitors swing by daily, and it is our hope that every visitor gets THE most accurate information pertaining to Kramer Guitars. Our mission is to clear up any rumors or doubts associated with the fabulous guitar brand known as Kramer Guitars. We are by no means the only experts on Kramers, feel free to check out the links section for other Kramer information, and have fun with the site!

Update - April 2005 - Emailng Vintage Kramer about values on guitars
From this point forward, Vintage Kramer will no longer provide values on guitars. We suggest that you do your research on ebay completed items or research through other sales related sites to see what recent guitars have sold for. A guitar is worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it, and Vintage Kramer is a not a free pricing service.

Contact Information

Mike Wolverton
Dave Nardelli
Senior Editor
/Contributing Author

Jeff Gilker
Web Developer

A very heartfelt special thanks to:

Robert Neubauer
Mike Mojabi - www.kramermaniaxe.com

Dan Joiner
Remy Baegen
George Tarnopolsky
Steve Z
James Ingalsby
Pat Kelley
Dennis Berardi
Peter LaPlaca
Gary Kramer

Many people have provided VK with TONS of Kramer content, and we would like to thank them for everything they have done to make VK what it is today.

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