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I have been inspired by art, music, and building from a very young age. I am the son of a family of construction engineers who have created many buildings and infrastructure throughout the United States. As a child, I was always inspired by those who create, whether it be buildings, photography, art, or music. I have always been in my "happy zone" when I am creating something. I dance from project to project, whether that be designing a website, taking photos of gorgeous scenery, building a peice of furniture for my house, or restoring a guitar. I live to build!!

I started Infinite Sky Designs unofficially in the early 90's, creating logos, business messaging, and other graphical services for those who needed it. I expanded on the business by going to work for Micrografx in 1995, where I developed a serious passion for digital imaging and the emerging web. We did amazing things there, we watched digital cameras and the web movement mature and grow, and it had a profound impact on my already large fixation on art. I also worked for Macromedia, where I expanded my knowledge in web and vector graphics. Those were some of the most fun times in my career, I worked with amazing people and they had an enormous impact on my passion for art.

I worked with a photographer at Micrografx who showed me the "analog" world of film. I started with a digital first mindset, so his influence was perfect timing in my life to take the digital world, and merge it with analog. The rule of 1/3's, sunny and F16, sepia tones, and basic composition - wow, I owe Keith a huge debt in the things he taught me. They may have seemed so basic to him, but I shoot the way I do today because of his friendly advice and teachings. Let that be a lesson to anyone reading this, pay it forward to someone else, always. You never know what kind of impact you may have on someone.

I restore guitars for fun, and for my friends. I play guitar, I make music, I play in bands. Music does not pay the bills, but it is my passion too. Music goes hand in hand with other basic arts, so its a natural fit into this business as well.

I make software as a career. I work for a company who makes software for the government sector. I get to fuel my passion for creating with software development. It pays the bills nicely, but I can never stick to just one avenue of building!

Since my inspiration is art, I take every project seriously, as if I were doing it for myself. There are many different vendors to choose from for all of the above categories, however, I believe your passion fuels your talent. Are there better artists than me? Absolutely, they drive me to do more. Choose us, and we will do everything we say we will do, everytime! If you do not like it, we will keep trying until we get it 100% right.

Thank you for visiting Infinite Sky, and remember, the Sky is the Limit to your dreams and vision!


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